Many clothing manufacturers are in intense competition with one another.

A Japanese wholesaler has been our customer for over five years.  
We also continue our visits to Italian manufacturers this month.
They strive to respond flexibly to an ever-evolving situation.
It is a spirit shared by de nuance.

New project launched.

A new project has started, proposed by an Italian company. The theme is 'Coffee'.
It is an emotion that we wish to convey to as many people as possible.

Completed the research.

Market research was carried out at the request of an Italian luxury brand.
For the staff of de nuance, who have great experience in many fields, 
market research is a pleasure and a challenge in expertise.
It opens up a world that we would not have known without their request for collaboration.
de nuance also holds interviews with experts.

The wines of this vintage coming up.

For eight years, we have been supporting a major winery (which everyone has heard 
mentioned at least once...!) with the translation of its official website.

It is late autumn and the wines are now available. 
We are now also providing translation services on the entire technical part, 
from the climatic environment to the originality of the flavors.